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    Session 1

    • Webinar Recording: Educator Mental Health presented by Keith Herman, Ph.D.

    • Keith Herman, Ph.D.

    • Educator Mental Health Codeword

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    Session 2

    • Webinar Recording: Reading Interventions and Assessments During a Pandemic: How to Efficiently Make Up Lost Ground Presented by Matthew K. Burns, Ph.D.

    • Matthew K. Burns, Ph.D.

    • Reading Interventions and Assessments During a Pandemic Codeword

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    Session 3

    • Webinar Recording: Listening to Children: How disruptions to schooling offer us opportunities to revisit play, inquiry, and community in early childhood classrooms. Presented by Lauren Ray, Ph.D.

    • Lauren Ray, Ph.D.

    • Listening to Children Codeword

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    Session 4

    • Webinar Recording: Creating safe and supportive learning environments through effective classroom management Presented by Tim Lewis, Ph.D.

    • Tim Lewis, Ph.D.

    • Session 4 Codeword

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    Session 5

    • Webinar Recording: Intentionally and Equitably Teaching Mathematics with Technology Presented by Zandra de Araujo, Ph.D.

    • Zandra de Araujo, Ph.D.

    • Session 5 Codeword